Choosing Skilled Nursing Services For Home Health Care Needs

by | May 26, 2016 | Healthcare

Elderly family members with health issues, adults recovering from surgery or illness or individuals with chronic health conditions may require short or long-term skilled nursing services.

Choosing the right provider for this level of care is very different than selecting a companion or non-medically trained caregiver. The level of training, expertise and experience need to be carefully considered to ensure your loved one is in the right hands.

When to use Nursing Services

In general, when there is a need for specific medical treatments such as wound care, administration of medications, management of chronic disease or when there is a need for medical supervision of a patient, skilled nursing services are recommended.

With a trained, licensed and experienced nurse in the home, a patient has the ability to receive quality medical care in a surrounding where they are comfortable. This can provide not only peace of mind for the patient, but also benefits to the family in having their loved one close by during treatment and recovery.

Nurses will develop a comprehensive care plan for the patient and provide status reports to the family members on a regular basis. They will also ensure all medical procedures required for wound care or management of chronic or acute health issues are provided to the patient as per the plan.

Additional Services

While the skilled nurse provides care for the patient, he or she is also available to provide other valuable support. The nurse will be able to act as a liaison between the various medical professionals working with the client, helping to coordinate medications and services.

The nurse will provide valuable information to the patient and the family, having the ability to spend the time required to answer questions and to provide educational support. In many situations, the licensed nurse will also supervise the nursing assistant that is providing the daily care for the patient, and will also ensure all medications are prepared and administered according to the instructions. This support can be provided as needed, often on a once a week or biweekly schedule.

The level of skilled nursing services may change over time based on the health care needs of the patient. By selecting a home health care service offering both nurses and nursing assistants there is optimal flexibility in the program, allowing for accommodations over time without having to find a new provider.

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