Getting The Most From Drive Up Storage Unit in York PA

A drive up storage unit in York, PA isn’t too hard to use. Some people prefer a unit that they can just pull their car right up to. It makes it much easier for loading and unloading items that are being stored. A person needs to consider a few things before renting one of the many storage units in the area.


A drive up storage unit in York, PA can be very convenient to use, but there are other things to think about when discussing convenience. Does the storage facility provide any other equipment? For example, do they offer boxes for storage? Do they offer equipment that can be used to move heavier items? Do they have different sizes for their drive-up units? Some companies only offer one size.

Climate Control

Some items need to be stored under specific climate conditions. Fortunately, there are facilities that offer units with climate control. The ranges for climate control can vary, so people have to do their own research and ask questions about the ranges. Climate control can be more important than people can imagine. For example, if a humidity isn’t properly controlled by a facility, mold can become an issue. Who wants mold growing on their valuable items?

Size, Time, And Pricing

Climate control isn’t the only thing customers should worry about. They should also do some serious price comparison so that the best deal can be found. It’s important to remember price isn’t everything. Sometimes, people get what they pay for. Sizes can vary considerably. The last thing a person wants is to pay for too much space that they aren’t going to use. How long does the unit need to be rented for? In some cases, customers rent units for years and pay well in advance. Other times, people just need units for less than a month.

Anyone who needs storage can visit to find out about making the proper arrangements. Before getting a unit, a customer should thoroughly read over the paperwork so that they understand the rules that the storage company has in place. Management should be asked any questions that come to mind.

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