Getting Compensation From Overtime Claims in Houston With Legal Help

A common problem that many Houston workers face is that they are told to work extra hours without any extra pay. If workers get extra pay, it may not the full amount that they’re entitled to under the law. Unfortunately, not paying for overtime is often legal. Those who are considered to be salaried need to work all of the necessary hours to get the job done. The number of hours required may be more or less than the overtime limit. However, there are employers that classify workers as salaried when they really should be hourly. Hourly workers are entitled to overtime pay. Those who are working extra hours for no pay due to being salaried should consider filing Overtime Claims in Houston with the help of an attorney. The same thing is true for those who feel that they are short on their overtime pay.

The main hurdle for many people seeking compensation from Overtime Claims in Houston is that their employers consider them to be salaried and exempt from overtime compensation. When the employer claims that the worker is salaried, the lawyer will need to show that it was inappropriate for the employee to be classified as a salaried worker. That means the attorney will be looking at the worker’s daily duties and interviewing fellow employees as well as management employees. It will take a skilled employment lawyer to show that a worker should have been classified as hourly rather than salaried.

Poor or false pay records may be why some workers are not getting all of the overtime compensation that they deserve. For example, management may change time cards to reflect fewer hours of work in order to avoid paying overtime. Calculation of overtime wages may be incorrect. When either of these things happen, it can be difficult for workers to successfully claim overtime compensation. Many people who try to seek overtime pay on their own end up not counting all of the hours and overtime pay that they should get. For that reason, it is wise for workers to consider hiring an employment lawyer when seeking overtime compensation. An employment lawyer like Filteau & Sullivan will know all of the rules and regulations with regards to getting overtime pay in Texas.

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