5 Things to Do Before Buying a Home in Burlington

Buying a home is a stressful for virtually everyone. The Internet now makes it easy to look at hundreds of homes in a short amount of time. However, no matter how many pictures are available, they will never tell the whole story. Here are five things to do before Buying A Home in Burlington.

  Check out the neighborhood information – Do a search for articles in the local paper. A quick and simple search can provide information on any developing properties coming to the neighborhood, any ongoing disputes, or community happenings.

*   Check out the local crime rate – It’s very simple to check crime rates in the area. Websites like us allow searches by address and provide reported criminal incidents. Visit us to view a map with locations of registered sex offenders in the area. The local police station can also provide useful information.

  Check out the local schools – Many people only research schools once they have children. However, a home located in a highly rated school district is much more likely to retain its value. When it’s time to resell a home, it’s important to attract the most buyers possible to get the highest price for the home. Good schools will bring in more potential buyers.

  Visit the home multiple times – It’s important to visit a home more than once and at different times. A home at 2:00 on a Wednesday afternoon can be nice and quiet, but most people are at work or in school at this time. Drive by the house on a Friday night. The low-key corner restaurant that offered great lunch specials may also host bands every weekend. For some this can be an attraction, for others it’s detrimental to putting the baby to sleep on time.

  Ask about the true cost of owning the home – Besides the mortgage, there are also taxes, utility bills, and possibly homeowner’s association fees. It’s important to keep this information in mind when planning your budget for a new home.

If you’re considering Buying A Home in Burlington, Visit us. They can assist in the home search and provide valuable information about the neighborhood and real estate market. Finding the perfect home begins with your first contact with an area real estate professional.


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