Get Help from Assisted Living Advisors in Cold Spring, NY to Find the Right Facility

Most elderly people want to maintain their independence for as long as they can. Even if they have health concerns but don’t need continuous care, they may be able to live on their own. By choosing to live in an assisted living facility, they can get the help they need, but still live in their own private room.

Assisted Living Qualifications

When someone cannot take care of their own needs due to a medical condition or trauma, they are often admitted to an assisted living facility. These facilities are not necessarily only for senior citizens, but many of the residents in them are elderly. To find the best assisted living facility for an elderly loved one, you can get help from assisted living advisors in Cold Spring, NY.

Usually, seniors who are in an assisted living facility need help with personal hygiene like bathing, dressing, combing their hair, or using the bathroom due to mobility issues. They may be recovering from strokes, have been in accidents, or have diseases like multiple sclerosis, but they may not require around the clock medical care. Depending on your loved one’s needs, assisted living advisors can recommend facilities for an elderly loved one.

Extra Services for Residents

Assisted living communities offer other services for their residents that independent living communities do not have. Residents in assisted living can get help with medication management, have all their meals are prepared for them, and there are physical therapy or exercise facilities they can use to improve their health or range of motion. Oasis Senior Advisors – Hudson Valley can find a facility in your area that meets your needs.

Since assisted living facilities provide different levels of care, you should seek advice from assisted living advisors to get the care your loved one’s needs so they can continue to live a good life. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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