The Most Popular Flooring Options Offered By A Carpet Dealer In Skokie Illinois

The flooring in a home helps to create a finished look and should be ready to stand up to a wide array of foot traffic. One of the best ways to increase the visual appeal and value of a home is to have any flooring material that is old or in disrepair replaced with something that is new and fresh. A carpet dealer in Skokie, Illinois will be able to provide a homeowner with a broad array of choices so they can choose a material that will meet their needs and allow a home to look beautiful.

Berber Carpet

Though it is mostly used in larger commercial applications, Berber carpet is a favorite choice of homeowners due in part to its durability and stain resistance. Most Berber style products are constructed of a low pile, which makes them easy to clean and helps prevent dirt and debris from settling deep within the fibers and causing excess wear. It is also perfect for kids, as it will repel stains and stand up to years of use and abuse.

High Pile Carpet

The most comfortable type of carpets for a home are those that are constructed from high pile fibers. As the name insinuates, a carpet of this nature is thicker and provides a high-end look that is comfortable for bare feet. While it can be more complicated to clean, many manufacturers construct their carpet from fibers that help to resist staining without the addition of other chemicals.

Custom Area Rugs

Few homeowners are aware that a carpet dealer in Skokie, Illinois can make a custom rug out of any carpet that they sell. Simply choose the style and color of carpet that is desired, and they can add a tailored edge that will prevent fraying from use and cleaning. Don’t settle for what may be available from a rug dealer, when a carpet store can help create a one of a kind look.

When it comes to carpet, a homeowner is only limited by their imagination. The team at American Carpet Distributors offers a wide selection of carpet styles that will meet any budget constraints a person may have. Stop by their showroom today to learn more and feel the difference quality carpet can make in person.

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