How GIS Software Is Helping to Build a Better Map

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Business

For as long as people have needed to move round the globe, maps have been important. What was once a matter of paper and printing is now a fully-digital process. GIS mapping software not only makes this possible, but also easier than ever for cartography professionals. Read on to see just how much GIS is improving modern maps.

What Exactly Is GIS?

GIS – a common abbreviation for geographic information systems – is a type of software used for managing geographic and spatial data. It is an important part of the modern map-making process. Data can be collected for any number of geographic features, from urban locations to rivers, lakes, and forests. This is typically done with GPS and other equipment used by land surveyors. Once that information has been accumulated, it can be layered into a highly-accurate presentation such as a digital map with interactive tools and features.

Why Maps Still Matter

With the advent of in-hand GPS navigation in smart phones and other mobile devices – as well as the integration of positioning technology in many vehicles – some may ask how maps are still relevant. After all, when is the last time most of us laid hands on a physical map? However, professionals in fields ranging from education to scientific research can testify to the usefulness of maps in the modern day.

If you’re looking to understand the geography, culture, and economy of an area, there is no better way than through the study of maps. With GIS mapping software, today’s digital maps can range from three-dimensional presentations with street view and other highly-detailed features to fully-interactive displays of multiple geographic assets. Whether you’re planning a move, a vacation, launching a business, or compiling a report for school, there’s simply no easier way to understanding than through a well-made map.

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