Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Solar In Houston, TX To Reduce Home Energy Consumption

Many Texas homeowners are constantly looking for ways to reduce the amount of energy used in their homes, which ultimately lowers their utility bills. Since a large amount of heat from inside the house can escape through the windows, many individuals are purchasing solar glass for their homes. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn important information about residential solar in Houston TX.

How do the windows inside a home play a part in the energy that’s used in the household?

Windows that are drafty, due to gaps around the frame, allow cold air to seep into the house. Older windows that don’t offer any thermal protection also cause the house to be colder in the winter. Individuals will turn up the heat in their house to compensate for the coldness, and this raises their utility bills dramatically.

When the hot months of summer arrive, the cool air of the air conditioner leaks out through these window gaps. The sun also penetrates through the window panes and warms up the house. Individuals turn up their air conditioning system to stay cool, which increases their cooling costs.

What can homeowners do concerning their windows to reduce the energy consumption inside their home?

To reduce the total amount of a home’s energy consumption, individuals can replace their old windows with new solar glass windows. These windows are coated with a special undetectable film that halts the sun’s rays from penetrating the glass and heating up the home during the summer. Certain gases are also placed between two window panes that add thermal protection to the windows during the cold season.

Homeowners can contact an experienced company that specializes in Residential Solar in Houston TX to discuss the various types of energy-efficient windows that are available. Individuals may also want to consider purchasing solar screens for their windows to add an extra layer of protection from the heat of the sun. Solar screens are installed on the outside portion of the windows to keep excess heat out of the home.

Individuals in and around the Houston area can depend on Lone Star Glass, Inc. for all of their glass needs. This family-owned company specializes in shower doors, tub enclosures, mirrors, residential solar and auto glass. Visit their website to learn more information about their glass replacement and installation services.

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