Auto Repair – Should You Change Your Own Serpentine Belt?

Have you noticed a squeaking or squealing sound from your car’s engine lately? Maybe it only happens when you first start-up or upon acceleration. Chances are, the problem could be a loose or worn serpentine belt. A new belt is not an expensive item, and you’ll save on costs if you do the auto repair near Tinley Park yourself. But is this a good idea or not? Here are five important questions to ask yourself before you head to the auto parts store.

1. Do I have training or experience with auto repair issues?

What kind of training have you received? If the answer to this question is “none” you may want to think again before you take on this job.

2. Have I done a lot of automotive work in the past?

What kind of experience do you have with drive belts and serpentine belts? If you’ve changed them before maybe you can do it again.

3. Do I have the right tools for the job?

You may need a set of engine sockets with a driver and wrenches. You also may need a pry bar or long extension bar.

4. What about the idler pulley and tensioner?

Did you know that these two parts should also be replaced if you want to do the job, right? It ensures you won’t have any future serpentine belt problems. If you’re not aware of this issue, you need to be. A worn idler pulley can suddenly freeze up and cause your new belt to break. A worn tensioner causes belts to become too loose to run.

5. What is a serpentine belt?

If you can’t answer this question (or don’t like automotive hassles), take your vehicle to your local auto repair specialists. They can take care of the job quickly, and you won’t have to worry about any problems.

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