Having the Right Tools Makes a South Dakota Pheasant Hunt Better

South Dakota is a popular location for hunting pheasants. Before going out to hunt, many hunters will take the time to learn about pheasant hunting outfitters.

A hunter who has the right tools for the job is going to have greater success than one who does not. One tool that can make all of the difference is having a good hunting dog. Hunting with a bird-dog gives hunters a phenomenal advantage. There are different dog breeds used for this. However, most would agree that Labradors are the best option.

Some like pointers because they can find pheasants that hide in the grass and signal to their owner where the pheasant is. However, a flushing dog that has the ability to travel through heavy cattails offers a huge advantage in the middle of the day.

Labs and English setters are often seen at pheasant hunting ranches. Preparation is the key to success when doing a pheasant hunt. This means learning as much as possible about pheasant hunting outfitters before going out to do the hunt.

Having a dog is a must. Without a dog, you are going to lose too many birds. You might be able to shoot a bird out of the sky, but you won’t be able to find it. That problem goes away if you have a dog. Some hunting clubs actually offer dogs and handlers to accompany you on the hunt. Of course, there is an additional charge for this service, but it can increase the number of birds you are able to bag throughout the day.

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