Five Roofing Problems You Can Troubleshoot Before Calling on Commercial Roofing Service in Sante Fe, TX

Any commercial building with a roofing structure is bound to have some problems with the roof sooner or later. But if the owner takes proactive measures, he or she can catch problems while they are still minor issues. They can save money before the minor problem escalate into a large hole in the company’s bank account. A company that offers Commercial Roofing Service Santa Fe TX has seen many issues upon being called out for repair. A lot of these issues can be prevented if only the owners had done a little more investigation. Here are some of the common problems that can be caught early on.

  • Of course it is no secret that the number one problem with commercial roofs is going to be leaking. Any time a leak is seen, no matter how minuscule, it should be addressed IMMEDIATELY.
  • Other problems seen with commercial roofs are billowing, blow offs or tenting. These things are caused by improper adhesion to the substrate.
  • Ponding water is another issue with commercial roofs. This is usually water that has been standing about 48 hours or more. Ponding water adds more weight to the top of the roofing structure. Such a situation can cause the structural integrity of the building to be compromised. This issue could be resolved by addressing the roof drainage system.
  • Some commercial roofs, especially the single-ply types will experience roof shrinkage. This could be evidenced by the flashing pulling away from the wall.
  • One final problem that occurs with commercial roofs (and these are the Built Up Roofing types) results in splitting, blistering, ridging and erosion of the surface.

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