Five Gorgeous Vycon Patterns to Enhance the Walls of Your Living Space

When it’s time for a living room refresh, Vycon wallcovering should be your first choice for an elegant and modern look. This luxurious woven wallpaper adds richness and texture to any room. Here are five of the top patterns to consider for your living area or place of business.


For a classic woven look, opt for the simple design of Divine. Available in 20 colors, including a variety of neutrals, you’re sure to find a hue that matches your space with this popular option. For greater variety on your walls, pair Divine with its coordinating pattern, Divine Incline.

Patina Stripe

Part of the Artiste line, Patina Stripe is an ideal wallcovering for large rooms. You’ll get the full look of the ombre stripes when the design is spread over a long wall. This pattern is subtle yet rich with interest and intrigue.

Angles Max

Create a focal wall in your living room with the bold statement pattern of Angles Max. The clean lines that are repeated throughout this angular design are sure to catch eyes. On the room’s other walls, consider using Angles Silk, which comes in coordinating colors.


The small pattern on Beam is reminiscent of knitted fabrics, so it’s a good choice for creating a warm, cozy look in an intimate living space. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable neutral or an inviting pop of color, you can find it with Beam.

Casbah Silk

For a touch of opulence in your everyday life, consider the subtle horizontal stripes and jewel-toned shades of Casbah Silk. Deep blues, golden browns, and sunset reds form a color palette that’s not to be missed.

Altogether, Vycon patterns are available in over 40 varieties and nearly 700 colors, so you’re sure to find a design that’s just right for the walls of your living room or office space.

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