Finding the Right Drill Attachment for Your Skid Steer

Skid steers are some of the handiest and hardest working machines today. Because of their smaller size, they can be used in many places where large equipment simply cannot get into. Plus, they are highly maneuverable and provide exceptional visibility and control for the operator. In addition, if you add a drill attachment you can increase the uses for your machine. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the best drill.

Why Add Drilling Capabilities?

Maybe you are thinking about buying a separate drilling rig for your business. If you do a great deal of drilling this may be a good idea. However, when you need a drill sometimes and a skid steer another time, it may be a good idea to have one machine capable of performing both jobs.

What are the Best Features?

When you shop for your drill attachment, consider these features:

* Make sure the rig can be accessed from either side of the machine.

* Look for a reversible feed system. This will give you the option of drilling up or down horizontally.

* Joystick control – makes operation simple and easy.

* Modifications – a good manufacturer will provide you with custom modifications for your equipment. This ensures it is easy to install and has all the features you require.

Rotary or Percussion Drifter?

When you order your new drill attachment, you have the option of choosing percussion or rotary drilling. Let’s look at the two methods to help you make the right decision.

Rotary Drilling

Standard rotary drilling utilizes a fixed bit. This may also be called auger drilling and as the bit rotates it pulls itself into the earth or rock. Rotary bits can be very effective for crushing and drilling soft rock and earth. However, in some case, rotary percussion drilling is used.

What is Rotary Percussion?

This process utilizes percussion and rotary drilling. For example, with a “down the hole” system, a drill string is driven by air pressure and activates an air hammer. This provides greater drilling force. Another system actually generates downward pressure with compressed air to help drive a rotary bit deep into the earth or rock.

Percussion Drilling

This kind of drilling is also known as pounding or spudding. Heavy drilling tools are connected to a line and it is repeatedly lifted and dropped down the hole. Often times, the crushed rock is mixed with water to form slurry and the slurry is then sucked out of the hole.

When choosing a drill attachment for your skid steer, go with an experienced company who can provide you with a custom fit. This simplifies installation and operation.

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