The Advantages of Propane Gas in Guilford for Residential Heating

As far as home heating goes, there are two main options to consider. Most modern heaters run on either propane or electricity. When purchasing a new heater, it’s smart to take a few moments to evaluate the differences between these two fuel types when deciding on a heater model.

Many people’s primary concern is cost. And who can blame homeowners for wanting to keep their monthly bills low? When considering cost, however, it’s important to consider the long-term expenditures as well as the initial unit price. Although a cheap electric heater may be less expensive to purchase and install than a propane heater, Propane Gas in Guilford can help to reduce heating bills over time by as much as one-third. This means that the initial price difference is likely to be eclipsed by the long-term savings that they provide. In addition, propane heaters are more durable. This means less need for costly repairs over time and better longevity. On average, propane heaters last five to ten years longer than electric units. For many people, purchasing a heater that will go the distance mitigates some of the stress of investment.

Because it can be stored right on the property, propane beats electrical energy in reliability as well. Electrical heaters are at the whim of the power grid. Should a particularly intense storm cause power outages, homeowners employing electrical heaters need to have a backup generator on site to ensure their heaters’ functionality. Propane heaters do not rely on an external electrical grid.
Both electrical heaters and propane heaters are quite safe to use in a residential home. The only concern with electrical heaters is the possibility of an electrical malfunction causing fires. Unlike many other natural gasses, propane is very unlikely to ignite. Stringent regulations have encouraged the propane industry to develop safeguards not seen in other industries. Propane gas is not toxic, and it does not dissolve in water.

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