Find a 316 Stainless Steel Sheet Cut to Size and Made for Your Specifications

Stainless is the most common type of steel in use today, especially in harsh environments. Being the metal used in certain types of surgical implants, such as replacement hip and knee joints, testifies to its strength, durability and capacity to withstand corrosion. Also known as marine grade due to its ability to hold up to water and air with high salt content, a 316 Stainless Steel Sheet offers a greater level of corrosion resistance than its type 304 counterpart.

Industrial applications are among the many uses for type 316. It holds up to regular exposure to numerous chemicals due to an increased amount of molybdenum in its composition. For many industries, the increased resistance to pitting caused by acids gained by adding more molybdenum is a requirement. While this particular metal is almost always used for machinery in the chemical and cleaning agent production industry, its usefulness spans far beyond that sector.

Sulfites and similar chemicals are widely implemented in making paper pulp as well as paper and cardboard items, so type 316 is also needed here. Various fabrics must be exposed to an array of chemicals during bleaching and dying process, making this alloy crucial to equipment used for processing, drying and cutting these materials. Photography is another field in which harsh compounds potentially corrosive to other types of metals are used.

Regardless of the industry in question, the 316 Stainless Steel Sheet needed must meet the specifications of the individual application. This means the supplier needs to be able to offer a wide range of lengths, widths, polishes and other variations unique to the client. In some industries, rough edges may not be an issue. Factors like these shouldn’t affect chemical production; on the other hand, even a small burr could cause considerable problems in other fields.

For rubber, paper and textile plants, roughness could damage the products being created. Deburring and edge conditioning may be necessary to eliminate the risk of losses. Each company has its own set of requirements, so finding a stainless steel supplier with considerable industry knowledge and experience is vital to reduce downtime while increasing productivity. Contact Toma Metals Inc. for your stainless steel needs. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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