Filing A Claim For Nursing Home Negligence In Suffolk County, NY

Understanding the signs of nursing home abuse can present you with an adequate enough time to prevent these occurences before the senior becomes seriously injured. The first sign of abuse in most instances starts with a sudden fear exhibited by the senior whenever their abuser is present. They become frantic or may withdraw completely. You should pay close attention to this behavior. While it is probable for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease to become disoriented and scared, this doesn’t always indicate a symptom for all patients. If you suspect that your senior was abused, you should contact an attorney to file a claim for Nursing Home Negligence In Suffolk County NY today.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Physical abuse is the most common form experienced by seniors in a nursing home. Signs include bruises, cuts, and other markings. It is also possible that the attacker used restraints or medications to sedate the senior. You should take them to their regular doctor for an examination if you feel that your loved one was abused. This will provide you with clear evidence.

Emotional Abuse in Nursing Homes

There are two primary forms of emotional abuse, verbal and nonverbal. These actions include but are not limited to intimidation, humiliation, riducle, and habitual blaming. Nonverbal abuse consists of ignoring the senior when they need assistance, isolating them during activities in which others are allowed to participate, and terrorizing the senior.

Sexual Assault and Abuse

Sexual assault is a crime. At any time that a caregiver or nursing home staff member assaults your loved one you have the right to alert the authorities on their behalf. Any form of sexual act is encompassed in these charges. Your senior’s medical professional can perform an exam to gather evidence.

Nursing home abuse or negligence is prosecutible through a court of law. Additionally, you have the right to fight for damages. These damages include compensation for medical or psychiatric care required after the abuse as well as tort claims including emotional distress or pain and suffering. You should include all individuals who are accountable including the administrator when you file a claim. If you wish to file a claim today, contact an attorney who practices in Nursing Home Negligence In Suffolk County NY now.

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