Northwoods Property Management: Improving The Lives of Property Owners and Their Tenants

by | Oct 9, 2014 | Real Estate

A lot of attention is offered to property management services because of the benefits they offer property owners. While it is true that this cost-effective service does provide their clients with an exceptional amount of services, there is also another group that benefits as well. This other group is the tenants who live within these properties. If you are a property owner, here are a few examples of the extra attention your tenants can receive.

Carefully Screened Neighbors

With a property management service like Northwoods Property Management, the selection of who will live in the units is carefully considered. Background checks, contacting references and performing employment verification ensures the tenants are trustworthy and can be assets for the neighborhood. Any type of inappropriate behavior will be addressed immediately as stated in the rental agreement.

Maintained Property Landscaping

It is not always easy to keep the grass mowed, parking lots swept and every unit functioning perfectly when you are attempting to care for a property in addition to managing all of the other responsibilities in your life. With a management service, the tasks are all done on schedule as a part of their daily duties.

Consistently Available Assistance

It always seems that when an emergency occurs with a rental property, the owner is away. It can be a challenge to effectively manage a broken water pipe or repair a malfunctioning furnace when you are on vacation or a business trip miles away. But 24-hour service is available every day of the year when you have a professional management service caring for the property. All calls will be answered and attended to as quickly and efficiently as possible, providing tenants with the comfort and security they need.

The additional extras like online bill paying make these properties popular with the tenants. This results in rental units that are consistently filled with reliable, happy tenants. Issues over unpaid rents or disputes between neighbors are reduced, making each building much more profitable over time.

If you are ready to relieve yourself of the time-consuming burden of caring for your rental properties, you need to learn more about these types of services. Northwoods Property Management would appreciate the opportunity to show more about how property management can make renting a better experience for you and your tenants. Visit our website to learn more about the company and how to contact them.

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