Fall Protection Harness – Keeping Workers Safe

When workers are performing job tasks as elevated heights, it is vital they be protected with proper fall protection gear. These work situations are varied and can occur in warehouse, on oil rigs and many other locations. A key element of a proper safety protection system is the fall protection harness. These harnesses allow the individual to rise and descend in a safe and easy manner. They are essential for use in emergency situations involving rescues as well.

The Fall Arrest System
Fall protection or fall arrest systems utilize a fall protection harness and include several important components to help ensure the safety of the individual. They include:

 * Anchor points: This is the position at which the fall arrest system is attached. These anchors can include roof anchors and cable chokers.
 * Connectors: These devices connect the harness to the anchor position and serve to absorb the shock if a fall occurs.
 * Body wear support: This is a piece of protective equipment worn on the body which evenly distributes the load across the body.
 * Decent and rescue equipment: These devices are crucial. In the event of a fall, they enable the users to quickly travel to the individual who fell.

Workplace Safety with Fall Arrest Systems
OSHA has a set of requirements that must be followed when it comes to individuals in the workplace who are working at designated height levels. Specific fall protection is required at specific minimum heights, depending in the particular industry. For instance, in general industry situations, the minimum height at which fall protection is required is 4 feet. In shipyards it is 5 feet. In construction industries it is 6 feet and in long-shoring operations it is 8 feet. In any workplace area where an employee is working above hazardous equipment, fall protection must be utilized regardless of the height distance involved.

The main purpose of a fall protection system is to protect human life, the safety of workers who are performing important but often dangerous tasks. Serious injuries can occur if proper a proper fall protection harness is not utilized along with the accompanying components of the fall protection system.

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