Benefits of Grand Rapids Botox Treatments for Scarring and Facial Discomfort

Botulinum toxin or otherwise referred to by the brand name of Botox, is a cosmetic treatment that addresses the aging appearance of the skin, i.e. facial wrinkles. In addition, however, Botox is very effective at treating such issues as muscle stiffness, scarring and facial trauma.

Grand Rapids Botox and Pain Relief

When used to stop the spasms of facial muscles, injected Botox works upon the nerves in the facial area, inhibiting the release of a neurochemical called acetylcholine. This injection of the Botox temporarily disables these muscles in the face. It does not disable other surrounding muscles, only those ones addressed within the specified area. The effect of the Botox gradually dissipates over time.

If the facial area has experience trauma due to an injury, Botox injections can help relieve this pain based upon the same process described above. Facial injuries can be caused by sports related injuries, violence, accidental wounds, vehicle accidents and more. The parts of the face affected may include the cheek, forehead, nose and lower and upper jaw. Botox can be strategically injected in and around these locations to reduce or eliminate severe pain.

Grand Rapids Botox and Reducing Scarring

In the wake of facial trauma, significant scarring to the face can appear. The formation of scarring can be reduced through the use of Botox. Treatment to minimize the development of scarring using Botox is best done within the first few months after the individual has suffered the initial trauma. As the muscles are weakened, they don’t pull on the wound as much, which provides for a smoother surface on the face upon which the wound can continue to heal.

Whether you are experiencing facial discomfort or have suffered a trauma and scarring through an accident or incident of some type, Botox treatments offer a solution to ameliorate these issues.

Consult with a Professional in the Industry

Be sure to consult with a skin solutions expert to better understand your options. A professional in the skin care industry can help evaluate your condition and offer the most effective treatment solutions to give you the relief you seek.

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