5 Reasons to Hire a Private Practitioner of Criminal Law in Kendallville, Indiana

No one plans to be arrested, but some find themselves in situations that quickly spiral out of control. Others may face charges but are innocent. While Criminal Law in Kendallville Indiana strives for fairness and impartiality, the system is imperfect. After an arrest, a person is more likely to avoid the conviction when they hire a criminal defense lawyer. A lawyer can improve a client’s case in many ways, and defendants can Browse the website to learn more.

Lower Bail

One of a lawyer’s first achievements for a client is reduced bail. If a defendant hires an attorney before the first court appearance, the lawyer can often get a bail reduction. However, the attorney can still request a lower bail amount if the client has already entered a plea. The judge is not obligated to grant the lawyer’s request, but hiring an attorney can greatly improve the client’s chances.

More Attention to Minor Details

Public defenders provide representation in a variety of situations. Because of high case volumes, public defenders can find it difficult to pay attention to each case’s small details. Hiring a private defense lawyer with a smaller caseload can increase a defendant’s chances of avoiding conviction. Most aspects of a criminal case are time-sensitive, and certain privileges can be lost if they are not promptly requested. Therefore, a client should hire a lawyer as quickly as possible after an arrest.


Many defense lawyers have gained vast experience as a public defender or prosecutor. This experience gives the lawyer insight into Criminal Law in Kendallville Indiana. In some cases, quoting a precedent is sufficient to get a case dismissed.


Police are some of the society’s bravest members, but they are only human, and they make mistakes. Defense lawyers review the case’s evidence and file paperwork and motions to ensure the client receives a fair trial. Attorneys with Grimm & Grimm can speak on the client’s behalf during interrogations, and they can keep the client from saying things that may be used against them in court.

Greater Negotiating Ability

Private defense attorneys can negotiate with the prosecutor or point out that the charges are inaccurate. In some cases, this is the difference between probation and a lengthy prison sentence. These attorneys understand which laws were broken, and they may be able to get charges reduced or dropped. Click here for more information.

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