The Importance of Honesty When Working With Drug Possession Lawyers in Junction City KS

After an arrest for drug possession, the arrested person could be facing a significant amount of time in jail. Yet, many people will try to downplay what happened or lie to convince the lawyer they are innocent. When someone is working with one of the Drug Possession Lawyers in Junction City KS, it is crucial they are honest about what happened so the lawyer can do more to help them.

Lawyers Need the Facts of the Case

The lawyer needs all of the facts of the case to determine what can be done. They need to know if the arrested person actually had drugs on them, if they were planning on selling the drugs, and what kind of drugs the arrested person had. All of this information can make a huge difference in how the case is handled or the outcome of the case, so the arrested person needs to be as honest as possible.

Lawyers Need to Know What Defense to Use

The defense for someone who did not actually have drugs on them will be very different from the defense for someone who is suffering from addiction and needs help. Without the arrested person being honest, the lawyer may waste time working on a defense that isn’t going to end up working. When the lawyer has all of the information, they can do a lot more to help their client and may be able to have the charges dismissed or reduced.

Lawyers Will Keep Information Confidential

The main worry most people have is that the lawyer will use the information against them. However, any discussions between a lawyer and their client are confidential, with very few exceptions. The arrested person can discuss this with their lawyer before providing information so they feel more comfortable about being honest during their conversations.

If you’ve been arrested and working with one of the Drug Possession Lawyers in Junction City KS to minimize the chance of a conviction or a lengthy jail sentence, make sure you’re as honest as possible. That will allow them to do more to help you. Visit now to learn more. You can also follow them on Twitter for latest news and update!

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