An HVAC Contractor in Greenwich CT Can Offer Suggestions for Saving Money on Heating and Cooling

Many people want to cut their heating and cooling bills further than they have been able to. They already know the usual suggestions about thermostat temperature, using fans in the summer and bundling up in warmer clothes in winter. An HVAC Contractor in Greenwich CT might provide some other ideas that their customers may never have thought about.

Avoiding Heat-Generating Activity on Hot Days

The use of equipment that adds heat and humidity to the home should be avoided on excessively warm days. At first, this may seem inconvenient, but everyone in the household will soon get used to it. That means not boiling water or soup on the stove, and not using the oven. This is the time when cool meals should be chosen, or food should be microwaved. Barbecuing outdoors is another possibility.

If the home’s residents really prefer warm or hot food, they might consider making several meals one day of the week and storing the food in the refrigerator. For the rest of the week, the meals can be heated up in the microwave.

The clothes dryer also should not be run on those days. Hanging laundry outside is ideal, but hanging wet fabric up inside the house boosts the humidity level. In regard to humidity, household residents should avoid taking long, hot showers, as that can steam up the place even when the exhaust fan runs.

Converting a Fireplace to a Wood Stove

For winter, if the house has a fireplace, an HVAC Contractor in Greenwich CT may suggest having a wood stove insert installed. The household can still enjoy the loveliness of a cozy fire while dramatically boosting efficiency. A typical fireplace allows too much warm air to escape from the home, whereas a wood stove can provide efficient heat for a much larger area. If the homeowners heat with wood regularly, they’ll quickly recoup the cost of the equipment and installation.

Annual Equipment Maintenance

Annual maintenance performed on the heating and cooling system by a contractor such as Climate Care is important for boosting efficiency. During that appointment, customers can ask the technician about possible ways to save energy on natural gas for heating and electricity for cooling. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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