Enjoy A Healthy Caffeine Chocolate Bar

Two things that are a great snack ay any time of the day are coffee and chocolate. Not only do these two foods have caffeine, but they are also a flavor combination that simply cannot be beaten for many people.

There is a challenge for people on-the-go to find a way to enjoy the taste of coffee and chocolate with that little bit of a caffeine boost. Hot coffee is hard to keep warm, iced coffee in the summer is hard to keep cool, and chocolate is not filling and satisfying.

The answer to these problems can be found in caffeine chocolate bar. This is handy, easy to carry snack that offers the boost of energy from the same caffeine found in a typical cup of coffee combined with the great taste of chocolate.

A Healthy Snack

Not all caffeine chocolate bar options are healthy; some are made with sugar, chemical and artificial flavorings and ingredients. By reading the label, it is easy to choose a bar that is not only great tasting but also great for you.

Look for bars that use natural sweeteners such as dates instead of sugar. Additionally, oats should be included in the bar as they are an ideal source of fiber and help to regulate the release of blood sugar, preventing those mid-morning and mid-afternoon slumps.

Roasted coffee beans and not just coffee flavoring should also be in the bar. This provides a wonderful, rich taste that compliments the chocolate. It is also a good source of caffeine which does not cause the jitters.

Finally, look for a caffeine chocolate bar that is gluten-free and vegan, so it is free from any animal products. There are also some of these bars that are non-GMO, which is increasingly important for health-conscious individuals to consider.

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