Where Not To Buy Eclipse Glasses

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Eclipses

The next big eclipse in the United States is still a few years away, but South America has one coming in 2019. Before you know it, you are wondering where to buy eclipse glasses for your event or gathering. When this special event draws near, many unscrupulous people are about looking to make a fast dollar, and they do not care if you or your family causes damage to vision with unapproved eyewear. Here are some sources to avoid when you think about buying viewers for the next eclipse.

Flea Markets

You can get some exceptional bargains at flea markets. For example, someone may sell sets of dishes far below the price you pay at your local department store. You may find some good deals on food items, tools, and a large variety of things. However, flea markets are not the best place to go when you want to know where to buy eclipse glasses, and the reason is simple. The vendors sometimes use unreliable sources for their products.

The Back of a Truck

Most people know about trucks pulling into parking lots and other areas with good for sale. Although they are often legitimate, some sell stolen goods or goods obtained from unknown sources. You may end up buying counterfeit or damaged viewers, and if you use them, you could damage your eyes.

Garage Sales

You can find just about anything if you go to enough garage or yard sales in your neighborhood. However, used goods may have excessive wear or damage. It is just not safe.

The Best Source

If you need to know where to buy eclipse glasses, the best source is a trusted manufacturer. You can visit the website and check out the many selections they have to offer. Customizing your viewers for your event is easy and very affordable.

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