Landscaping for Homes in Scotts Valley

Not all residential landscaping companies in Scotts Valley can offer you the complete landscaping services that your property deserves. Landscape is an investment, it enhances your home and expands your living space. You want to be sure that you choose a company that is expert in residential landscape in Scotts Valley to get the most bang for your buck.

The Mow and Blow Companies

The capabilities of landscaping companies range from “mow and blow” to professionally trained and educated landscape design companies. You want to choose the latter for your property. The “mow and blow” companies do just that, they quickly mow your grass and then use a leaf blower to blow away debris. They are not well-versed in horticulture nor are they lawn care experts. Typically, these types of companies do a job akin to what your 13 year old neighbor can do.

The Better Choice

When you have an expert on your landscape project you get:

  • Design services
  • Landscape choices that are meant to thrive in the area
  • Expert help with lawns
  • Hardscapes
  • And more

When you are serious about improving your property you want to choose a company that has the skill set that gives you the results that you want. You want to be able to sit down with someone and talk about your vision and then be given solutions for how to make your vision a reality. Your landscape will thrive with the right company at the helm.

Improving Your Property with Landscaping

You can improve not only property value with the right landscaping but you can enhance your lifestyle with the right landscaping. It is an investment that you will easily see a return on every single day. K&D Landscaping is the landscaping experts you want on your project!

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