Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Marijuana Dispensary

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Marketing

Spreading the word about your marijuana dispensary might feel like playing with a major handicap given all the stringent dispensary marketing regulations. On the one hand, recreational marijuana is most likely legal within your state of operation. On the other, the federal government still considers cannabis a “Schedule One Drug.”

And while the regulations surrounding the advertising, marketing and sale of marijuana might be stacked against you, you can play the hand your business is dealt with using the following strategies.

1.A Robust Web Presence

No form of media – traditional or modern – gives you more control over your dispensary’s marketing than a customized website. You can upload all kinds of content (within reasonable means), engage your audience and encourage them to make purchases within your website.

That said, you have to attract and maintain a sizeable audience first. A few time-proven methods for achieving this include:
• Lead capturing
• An optimized “Google My Business” profile
• Mobile optimization
• An active blog

2.Cannabis Directories and Ad Platforms

Since most social media and traditional marketing platforms prohibit cannabis marketing, listing your dispensary on cannabis-friendly directories and ad platforms can help you grow brand awareness and attract local customers. If possible, start by listing your dispensary on popular directories like Google My Business, Yelp, MassRoots, Weedmaps, Leafly and Marijuana Central.

Once your business gains traction on your directories of choice, devote your marketing budget to advertising on ad platforms and publications like Traffic Roots, RevOffers, Mantis, Kush Clicks, CBD is Now, Cannabis Magazine, Ganjapreneur and High Times.

3.Customer Loyalty Programs

Due to staff regulations, dispensaries face plenty of obstacles to engaging potential customers. This makes retaining and upselling existing customers even more essential for your dispensary.

A loyalty program can boost your customers’ LTV (lifetime value) by fostering long-term relationships. Here are some approaches you should consider:
• Offer exclusive memberships with special promotions, e.g., birthday freebies
• Award loyalty points on every purchase that customers can put towards buying any product in your inventory
• Provide a discount card that offers incentives after a specific volume of purchases


Dispensary marketing is all about getting potential customers at the door so you can convince them of all the amazing products you have to offer. And while federal regulations might make advertising and marketing a challenge, you can grow your dispensary through cannabis-friendly networks, loyalty incentives and establishing an online presence.

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