The Benefits of Dental Implants

A missing tooth or missing teeth can be an embarrassment to most people and certainly do little for their confidence. The need to constantly hide their smile behind their hand can be extremely embarrassing in social and business situations. Certainly there are ways of overcoming this problem but most of them involve some form of removable denture which is problematic in itself as they slip, slide and in many case, drop out of position. With the advent of dental implants in Northalsted, there is now a more attractive solution, one which leaves you will natural looking teeth that are as firmly fixed as your natural teeth.

Dental implants use a procedure whereby a titanium “root” is fused with the patients jaw bone. The procedure is ideal for those people who have good oral health; healthy gums and sufficient bone to support the implant. Once the implant is successfully completed, which can take some months; it can last for many years with no problems. Once the procedure is finished, patients simply forget they ever had a tooth implant; it can be treated like any other natural tooth.

If the tooth has been missing for some time there is a distinct possibility that there will have been bone loss at the point where the implant would be placed. In this case it is possible for the dentist to graft bone to the existing jaw bone, this will extend the time to complete the procedure but the implant can still be done.

There are many reasons why one would opt for dental implants in Northalsted. For the right patient the success rate is close to 100 percent, the implants a fitted directly into the jaw so there is little or no gum recession as there is with conventional dentures or bridges. One important issue is that there is no need to do any work on adjacent teeth, with implants no one will ever know that the tooth is not natural.

There is no limit to the number of dental implants any one patient can have; it can be one or every tooth in the mouth, the number is determined by the amount and health of jaw bone that the patient has.

Dental implants can be used on patients of any age as long as the teeth are permanent. The entire procedure takes several months as the implant must marry with the jaw bone. During this time the dentist will fit temporary teeth which will be removed when the final stage is ready, that is the fitting of the abutment and the crown, once the procedure is finished you will think you have had the teeth your whole life. Visit Northalsted Dental Spa for more information.

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