The Cottages of Fort Collins Offer College Students Comfortable Living

Going off to college is a new and exciting experience for many young people as it is the first time that they live away from home and exercise more independence. Many colleges and universities require first-year students to reside in dormitories on campus and do not permit first-year students to have automobiles. Living in a dormitory puts students near their classes as the academic buildings are often close by so that first-year students will become familiar with the campus as they walk to classes. Also, there is a resident advisor (RA) who is a junior or a senior that advises the freshman on the rules and workings of the college or university.

When students become more settled into their new lives the following year, they can choose where they wish to live. One convenient and inviting location for students attending Colorado State University is the setting of the cottages of Student Apartments in Fort Collins. There are a number of features available in the four and five-bedroom cottages and townhomes: There are apartments with balconies and high ceilings. The rooms have nine-foot ceilings; all residents of an apartment have private bedrooms with bathrooms, and furniture can be rented, as well. Laundry facilities are in the units, too. The internet and a security system are installed in the apartments. And, for students who do not have old friends to live with, there is assistance provided with roommate matching

There are other options available, as well. For instance, student apartments in Fort Collins have available pet-friendly apartments, so students do not have to leave their beloved pets. Also, covered parking is available to students. For secure, comfortable, and enjoyable student living, please visit The Cottages of Fort Collins now.

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