Durable Gates Provide Security, Beauty to Your Home or Business

Fencing offers long-lasting, value-added security to your commercial location or home. Gates provide for controlled access to your place, but they can also supply a visual statement of strength and beauty. A wooden gate can be paired with a wood, metal, or stone fence or railing. If you are considering a wood gate for your fenced property, here are some things to consider.

Use Resilient Wood or Wood Products

Start with a wood that is durable and low-maintenance. You want your gate to provide service throughout the life of the fence. Make sure the wood or wood materials used to construct the gate are durable and will withstand the weather for decades. Also, proper and routine wood treatments and paint will prolong the life of your wooden gate.

Stunning Designs

Wood gates offer the user many striking designs to complement the appearance of the fence, building or home. Wood is used to construct gate styles that range from minimalist Scandinavian to ornate Medieval looks. Every property owner can use a wooden gate to achieve the look that they want.

Aluminum That Looks like Wood

An alternative to a gate of wood is one that looks like it is wooden, but it is actually constructed of aluminum that is modified to have the appearance of wood. These types of gates may require less maintenance than wood, offer resistance to insects, and, over the years, weather better than natural wood.

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