Three Signs that Emergency AC Repair in Cabot, AR is Needed

In most parts of the United States, having an air conditioner that functions properly is a necessity. Providing an air conditioner with regular maintenance can help keep it in tip-top shape. However, when problems occur, it is important to have them addressed as soon as possible. Three signs that emergency AC repair in Cabot AR is needed are the air emitted is warm, the air output is low, and the unit will not turn on.

Emitted Air Is Warm

When an air conditioner will turn on and blow out air according to the setting of the thermostat, it’s usually a sign that it’s working. However, if the air that’s emitted is not cool, it’s a sign something is amiss. One of the most common causes of this is low refrigerant. Having an a/c repair technician check the level and recharge the system may solve the problem. Another cause is a faulty condenser coil that may need to be replaced by a technician.

Air Output Is Low

Sometimes, an air conditioner will turn on at the appropriate time as indicated by the thermostat and blow cool air, but the air output is too low. When this occurs, it is common for a room to feel warm despite the cool air coming from the vents. A potential cause of this problem is an issue with the ductwork. The presence of tears or holes can lead to air escaping from the system. Holes can be located and patched by an a/c technician.

Unit Won’t Turn On

An air conditioner that will not turn on at all, despite the setting of the thermostat, is usually a major red flag for homeowners. However, it does not always signal a serious problem. Fixing it could be as simple as replacing the battery in the thermostat or flipping the circuit breaker. If these solutions do not work, an a/c technician can check for a defective motor, the presence of debris, or a dirty condenser coil.

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