Don’t Call The Help Desk If You Need Computer Screen Repair In Alsip, IL

How helpful was the help desk the last time they were called? Did they speak English? Were they located somewhere on the other side of the world? If asked to send out a technician, did they act as though that was the most unreasonable request they had ever heard? Were you endlessly transferred from one person to the next?

Some people suspect that help desks act this way so that people don’t call again. After spending a few (or more) very frustrating hours on the phone, most people would rather sign up for a root canal than make another phone call to the unhelpful “help desk.”

Not All Computer Problems Can Be Fixed Over the Phone

This seems obvious, but help desks tend to concentrate on what they can handle remotely. Phone calls are cheap, on-site visits from a technician are expensive. However, many problems, such as Computer Screen Repair In Alsip IL, can only be fixed by a tech with a screwdriver. It might take a new part, not a digital “fix,” to fix that flickering or dim screen. A cracked screen definitely needs a hands-on repair. Whether it’s a laptop, iPhone or Kindle, it’s cheaper to fix it than replace it. It’s also far less aggravating to continue to use the device that is set up exactly as desired than to have to do it all over again with a new one.

Virus Removal

Computer viruses have become the “root of all evil” for many computer problems. Some new or advanced computer malware can slip past the most commonly used anti-virus software, but many people don’t have even that much protection. Rather than invest in really good security protection, they try to get by with a free download from the internet. Those programs may offer protection from older forms of malware but seldom protect against current threats. An effective virus can damage your system, trash your files and gain access to your bank accounts and personal information.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Illinois, BLH Computers Inc. is the place to go. A laptop computer screen repair in Alsip IL will only cost you $50 if they have the part in stock (and they probably do). They offer full-service repairs, including virus/spyware removal, for a flat fee of $125 including the part if they have it. Reconditioned desktops and laptops are priced very reasonably. To learn more, browse the website.

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