Organic Landscaping in Fairfield Connecticut can Make a Landscape Safe for Children and Pets

Landscaping not only reflects a homeowner’s or family’s tastes and preferences but also makes an immediate impression on visitors, passers-by and neighbors. A clean, well-kept lawn with attractive shrubs and borders accentuates the beauty of a home. When it comes time to put a home on the market, owners are reminded that the first thing prospective purchasers see is the exterior of the house and the landscaping.

Real estate values are a function of more than the size and location of a home. The attention paid to the exterior and lawn do much to accentuate what realtors call curb appeal. Many potential buyers pass without looking inside if the lawn is shaggy, the shrubs and trees not trimmed and the sidewalks in need of edging. A home is not likely to be better kept on the inside than on the outside.

Landscaping and lawn services abound in all cities and towns. Landscaping in Fairfield Connecticut is no exception. There are differences to be found in the types of service, the quality of work performed and the cost. Homeowners should always ask for detailed estimates and a listing of all the work that it entails as well as what the finished product will look like. Some companies’ end product looks good, except they leave behind signs that caution against permitting small children or pets to walk on the grass for a specified period of time. Others will gladly remove trees and leave the stumps for the homeowner to deal with. It’s always best to be fully informed.

Increasingly there are alternatives to chemical spraying and environmentally harmful practices. Although traditional practices were once the norm and in some locales still the norm, homeowners looking for Landscaping in Fairfield Connecticut services have the choice of traditional or organic landscaping services. The organic services include planting trees and shrubs that naturally thrive in the ecosystem, using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides in their care and maintenance and matching plants to the architecture and themes of the house and neighborhood.

One local company committed to the environment which specializes in large tree plantings, and overall tree health is Northeast Horticultural Services. A full range of its offerings can be viewed at visit us website.

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