5 Professional Video Editing Tips From A Video Production Company In Lexington, KY

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Business

Filming is only a small part of a video project; the article of producing a meaningful film lies mainly in the editing. With video editing software easily available, hobbyists can do quite a bit of editing on their own once they learn how to use the tools. However, professional editing involves techniques that create a story that connects with the audience. The following are some professional tips on video editing from a Video Production Company in Lexington KY.

Tip #1: Use strategically placed pauses to give your viewer a little time to process what he or she is seeing and hearing. A pause of 3 to 4 seconds works well between interview clips, for example. You can use music and rhythm to fill the gap. This gives your video a better flow and helps break up the content into memorable chunks.

Tip #2: Use transitions between scenes rather than sudden cuts. A cross dissolve or a fade to black can soften transitions. Another way to move into a new scene is to lead into it creatively. For example, an opening door can lead the viewer to expect a new scene, and a pan away from the action can tell the viewer that the scene is about to change.

Tip #3: When changing camera angles within a scene, make the cut on an action. If an action is begun at one angle and completed in another, the transition will feel seamless to the viewer. These cuts can hold the audience’s interest better than extended, unbroken scenes.

Tip #4: Lead with sound. In real life, it’s natural to hear a sound first and then look to see what’s going on. Playing the sound a second or two before the action begins is a good way of capturing and directing your viewer’s attention.

Tip #5: Edit speech carefully to remove mistakes and to save time that could be put to better use. Clean up long pauses, needless reiterations or comments that interrupt the logical flow of thought.
These are only a few tips for amateur filmmakers; there is a lot more to the art of video editing. If you’re not ready to complete a project on your own, consider hiring a professional Video Production Company in Lexington KY like First String Media Productions.

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