Do You Need the Help of a Social Security Lawyer?

No matter the reason you are disabled, it is important to understand your rights for receiving Social Security benefits. It is your right to file for benefits and receive them as long as you meet certain criteria. You must have a physical or mental condition that permanently prevents you from being able to work. You must also have medical proof in the form of two medical doctors stating you are fully and permanently disabled.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of claimants are denied benefits when they first file. Many are also denied at the reconsideration level. Denials can occur because the paperwork is not properly filled out or because there is not substantial medical evidence to back up the disability claim. In some cases, there is no apparent reason for the denial.

When a person is denied their claim, it is in their best interest to seek help from a Social Security Lawyer. A lawyer can make a big difference when an appeal needs to be filed. Social Security appeals require the case goes before an administrative law judge. During this hearing, medical records can be submitted and the Social Security Lawyer may be able to bring in medical professionals to testify.

Though a person could represent himself in a disability case, this is not advisable. The average person does not fully understand Social Security disability law and could end up impeding the progress of their case. A lawyer will work to not only get their client approved for benefits but will also work to get a favourable onset date. This is the date a claimant begins receiving benefits for. This ends up resulting in a lump sum back payment.

Lawyers who work with social security cases work on a contingency. This means they are not paid unless they are able to win the case for their client. Whether you are just beginning the process of filing or have been denied your benefits, contact the William D. McGillicuddy Law Office PC. They will be glad to help you through every aspect of your disability claim to work towards getting you the benefits you deserve. Call today and schedule your appointment.

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