Different Forms of Cardio Workout in Morristown NJ

Different people need different workout strategies. Some people, especially beginners, prefer a workout that employs a slow and steady pace, while more experienced individuals will go for something with a greater intensity level. Regardless of your preferred intensity, it is essential that you use the best exercise equipment to satisfy your specific needs. If you are looking for effective forms of Cardio Workout in Morristown NJ that will help you with burning fat in minimal workout time, you will find the following guidelines to be extremely beneficial.

To begin with, you will want to avoid using the slow cardio, otherwise referred to as the old-school cardio. For many years, there has been a popular misconception that you require a long, slow and boring cardio in order to burn fat effectively. This has seen numerous men and women slaving away on the cardio machines for up to 90 minutes per workout, yet they fail to achieve the desired results. Study reveals that doing low-intensity cardio is not among the best cardio workouts for burning fat effectively. In contrast, high-intensity cardio will allow you to lose fat within the shortest period.

The only disadvantage of high-intensity cardio is that you will need to work extremely hard to burn at least 400 calories per workout of at least 40 minutes. Therefore, this is a relatively good cardio workout although not the best.

Among the better approaches is the interval training cardio. This will require you to do at least 3 interval training workouts each week. It entails doing a normal warm-up and alternating between hard and easy exercise. What follows after this is a cool down. This routine that only takes 20 minutes has proven to be extremely effective in helping people burn fat more efficiently as compared to the 2 cardio workouts.

Finally, you may elect to use the body weight circuit training as a cardio workout method. This requires you to begin with easy body weight exercises like jumping jacks, followed by 3 lower body and 3 upper body exercises in the form of pushups, squats, lunges and chin-ups among others. You can then complete the exercise with a tough total body exercise, including jumps and running in place.

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