How to Get That Coffee Shop Taste in Your Own Home

If you love coffee, but hate the high coffee shop prices, then you should create your own coffee shop experience at home. Buying a good cup of coffee or espresso at a coffee shop can cost you upwards of $5.00 or more. That is very expensive, and you have to deal with lines, rude baristas and obnoxious customers. It is possible to skip all that mess and enjoy a relaxing cup of Joe in the comfort of your own kitchen. There are some things you will need. You can find some awesome Coffee Makers in New York City.

First, you will need a coffee maker and espresso machine. If you can get a combo unit to save space. After you find your machine, it is time to find a good bean. Buying in bulk will save a lot of money. You should buy a 5-pound bag of coffee beans and another 5-pound bag of espresso beans. There are a lot of beans to choose from. They have dark chocolate, chocolate Rasberry, hazelnut and French vanilla. These are some of the most popular flavors. Marcuzzi offers some of the best beans of any company.

Most people enjoy their coffee creamy and sweet. Monin produces the best syrups for your coffee. They offer flavors like chocolate mint, hazelnut, Irish cream, almond and strawberry among other great flavors. You will need a pump which Monin offers quality pumps for their bottled syrups as well. They also have sugar-free versions of their awesome syrup.

Now you will need some small snack items to go with your coffee. For a more fancy cafe experience and for your health, stay away from donuts. One great snack that will pair nicely with a strawberry flavored cappuccino is Chia Pods. This is a healthy snack that consists of creamy coconut milk, chia seeds and fruit. Chia pods come in a variety of flavors including strawberry. Another great snack is Cranberry-Pistachio Granola. This snack is a great mix of savory pistachios and sweet tangy cranberries.

Visit Espresso RMI Inc to find great Coffee Makers in New York City. The only thing left that you will need is a comfy couch in front of a cozy fireplace. Having a loving golden retriever laying at your feet as you sip some awesome coffee while reading your favorite book is a great way to relax.

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