Custom Eclipse Glasses Protect You from Blindness

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Eclipses

Natural phenomena happen in the in the skies and in the space above and around Earth. The aurora borealis, shooting stars, and of course eclipses. Eclipses are one of those events that are an amazing site when they can be seen. When looking at a solar eclipse, using special eyewear is a must for your protection.


Eclipses are one of the few phenomenon that Earth experiences that happens only occasionally and involves all three celestial bodies. There are two types of eclipses. Lunar eclipse are eclipses that happen at night and happen when the Earth’s shadow obscures the Moon; based on the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun all being in perfect alignment. The other type of eclipse is a solar eclipse and it happens during the day. A solar eclipse is when the sun is obstructed by the moon. The Moon moves between the Earth and the sun and it cast a shadow on the Earth. The only time an eclipse can happen is during a new moon. The Moon will block the Sun either partially or completely. Because it is the Sun, the ability to see a solar eclipse is going to be different than looking at an eclipse of the moon. There are custom eclipse glasses that can be used to assist you in viewing a solar eclipse.

Eclipse Glasses

What are eclipse glasses and why do you need them? You need custom eclipse glasses because they are specially made to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays that will be stronger and more focused due to what happens as the moon moves across the sun. Custom eclipse glasses are made with a certain filter that will allow rays to pass through so you can see the eclipse without doing damage to your retinas. There are even some custom eclipse glasses that come in distinct styles and different designs. They range from simple paper to hard plastic with designs. When selecting where to get your custom eclipse glasses from, it is important to get them from a company who you can trust is using the correct filters to block out the harmful rays. Using custom eclipse glasses is a not a suggestion, rather it is what people have to do to stay safe while enjoying one Earth’s most beautiful spectacles.

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