Are You Prepared for The American Eclipse Of 2017?

by | Dec 29, 2016 | Eclipses

During the middle of August, 2017 those who wish to observe a solar eclipse will be heading for various locations across the US. By August 18, most people will be in position after conducting last-minute checks, particularly for the weather forecast, as a clear view is required. August 19 and 20th are the final preparation days, the last chance to check your camera. August 21, 2017 is the day the American Eclipse will be seen, although the timing will vary, depending upon where you are in the US.

What Happens When the Eclipse Passes?

The moon is less than 2200 miles in diameter. With no light of its own, sunlight is reflected from its surface. It orbits the Earth once every 29 ½ days. When the moon passes between the sun and the earth, an eclipse or total eclipse is possible, although observing this phenomenon from the same location may only be possible decades or hundreds of years apart.

To observe the American eclipse during 2017, preparation is important for you to be in place. The total eclipse will only last for between one and three or four minutes, depending upon a range of circumstances including the quality of the weather on that day.

Preparing for The Eclipse

To observe the eclipse, you must wear eclipse glasses that will protect your eyes from UV radiation from the sun’s rays. It is very dangerous to look directly into the sun, which is what you need to do for the moments before and after the moon has blocked the sun completely. Just those fleeting seconds of having the sun’s UV rays burning directly into your eyes, could cause untold damage which may be resolved in a few minutes, but some individuals suffer an element of blindness for months.

As the eclipse will be observed from the East to West coasts of the US during August, 2017, there are sure to be millions of individuals purchasing eclipse glasses, so it is sensible to purchase early, but only from a high-quality supplier.

The news and social media will rapidly increase the amount of information they provide about the American eclipse, so you should not be worried about missing the event, understanding how to attend at the right time and forming your own checklist, for full preparation.

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