Cruises From Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral is a very popular port-of-call with thousands of vacationers coming through every summer alone. There are not only vibrant attractions at Port Canaveral but also amazing cruises which could put holidaymakers on a great holiday. Cruises from Port Canaveral could be gamed for anywhere the vacationer fancies as there is always a vessel available to fit the plan.

More than Meets the Eye

Every holidaymaker who embarks from Port Canaveral would really be getting their money’s worth on any cruise signed up. Enjoy a grand adventure on the Space Coast with a Carnival cruise that sets off from Port Canaveral. Vacationers could also check out the rocket blast off from the renowned Kennedy Space Center or scream through breath-taking roller coasters at Orlando theme park before a relaxing sea trip to calm the nerves.

We can help you plan your ideal trip! There is just so much to see and do for a really satisfying holiday experience at Port Canaveral. Let the holiday experts at Port Canaveral offer their handy holiday tips for free. At Great Escapes Travel, our experienced travel agents are ready to make your family’s vacation dreams a reality.

The young holidaymakers could enjoy their thrills around Port Canaveral before sailing off into the sunset with mom and dad who are ready to re-enact their courtship. Port Canaveral cruises are ideal to satisfy every vacationer with different objectives and goals for the young and old.

Great Cruise Services

Cruises from Port Canaveral are well planned to be guaranteed a First-Off ship where priority departure is activated. The cruise agency offers a hassle-free cancellation policy should there be unforeseen circumstances where booked excursions could be cancelled or re-scheduled without penalty up to 24 hours before tour departure.

Friendly and helpful guides are available to assist in any way throughout the cruise for a most memorable experience.

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