What’s involved in Installing Hardwood Floors?

by | May 17, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Before hardwood floor installation it’s necessary that you inspect the site in which the hardwood flooring is going to be placed. Whether the site is a remodel or new construction, the space ought to be level, structurally sound, and free of squeaks and groans from the subfloor.

As the subfloor is prepped for installation, the hardwood planks and door jambs also should be prepared. Door jambs need to be cut around .16 cm above the hardwood flooring. It should be carefully done with a specialized tool used to undercut door jambs. At least 6 – 8 hardwood plank boxes ought to be opened when installing hardwood flooring. Because a single box is going to be a somewhat different color than another, it’s necessary to blend planks from multiple different boxes to blend shades and provide a more natural appearance.

Installing the initial hardwood floor row, or baseline, includes the most essential hardwood floor installation step. If an error is made in this measure, the entire room is going to be crooked. It’s suggested that you utilize an outside wall as your baseline because the measurements are going to be a real square. The baseline must be a popped chalk line alongside the exterior wall that is going to guide installation.

After your baseline is established, glue will be spread alongside its corner and planks are pressed down. Every additional row is completed by spreading glue, slipping the new plank’s tongue into the plank’s groove which is on the ground, and repeating all throughout the entire room. Following hardwood floor installation being complete, roll a 34 kg roller over your floors to flatten planks and evenly spread glue.

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