Considering Spiritual Aspects of Cremation in Hamilton OH

Worldwide, burial and cremation are the two most common means of disposing of the deceased. Burial is still the most frequent choice in the United States, although there has been a strong trend toward choosing cremation during recent years. Some reasons for this include affordability and less use of land. People of different religions and varying beliefs about the afterlife may also have varying viewpoints about Cremation in Hamilton OH.

Lesser-known spiritual traditions actually have concerns that a standard burial ritual can attract ghosts and hinder the soul from leaving the body as quickly as it normally would. They worry about a ghost taking on the physical traits of a human and being able to perform hauntings. This is not a common belief, but it’s one that will lead family members to decide on cremation for a deceased relative and to avoid burial.

The more prevalent religious traditions also have their own viewpoints and questions about cremation as compared with burial. Some Christians, for instance, may worry that cremation is against God’s wishes, since God has promised to raise all people from the dead at the end of days. Clergy members of most Christian denominations assure their flock that God does not need an actual physical body to bring a person back to life. That buried physical body will have greatly deteriorated over the years in any case.

There is nothing in the Bible that speaks for or against cremation. Although it was not a common practice in some of the cultures associated with Scriptural texts, the authors were certainly familiar with the practice. It was the prevailing choice in Greece and an occasional choice in Rome. Since nobody in Scripture has anything negative to say about this method of disposal of remains, Christians may rest assured that Cremation in Hamilton OH is an approved option. If they want verification, they may consult with their pastor or priest about the subject before deciding to arrange for the service with an organization such as Spring Grove Cremation Society. They still can have the ashes buried in an urn in a cemetery if they so choose, but the plot will take up less space than a traditional burial.

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