Keeping the Spring in Your Garage Door

To function properly, every garage door needs a set of working springs. And you’re probably going to want to find the right garage door springs in Satellite Beach, FL for your needs. There are many factors to consider when replacing your springs. From length and amount of load they can carry to the right type for your door, here are some things to keep in mind.

The Importance of Spring Maintenance

A number of accidents can occur when garage door springs are improperly maintained. Because springs are constantly under extreme tension, it’s important to check and replace them when needed. Also, ensure that any safety features are properly in place and perform regular safety checks.

Spring Types and How They Work

The spring type of your door will be determined by what type of lift mechanism the door has. A torsion spring works by the unwinding of twisted springs turning a shaft, which is attached to a set of cable drums. The cable winds around the drum and lifts the door.

When a spring is stretched parallel to a horizontal track, the garage door uses an extension spring. Lifting the door releases tension, causing the springs to contract. The upward motion is allowed by a system of cables, pulleys, and counterbalances.

The Right Spring for You

When purchasing garage door springs in Satellite Beach, FL for an existing door, it’s best to always check with your manufacturer’s recommendations and properly measure the existing springs to ensure you buy the correct replacement. In most cases, the lifting capacity of each spring is noted by a colored marking on the end while the length is determined by the height of the garage door it’s designed for use with. When you know your door type, its height and the load amount, choosing your spring should be easy. Be sure to reach out to a professional should you need any expert assistance. Visit for more information.

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