Prepare for Summer with HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Temperatures are rising, so now is the time to keep your HVAC unit running in top condition. Preventive maintenance averts most emergency repair calls. If you wait for signs of trouble before maintaining your HVAC equipment, its useful life may be significantly shortened.

Last Call for Pre-Summer Maintenance

Spring has arrived, and summer is around the corner. If you need spring maintenance for your HVAC unit in Fayetteville, make an appointment right away. A spring maintenance call will ensure there are no leaks, tubing and ducts are clean, and the compressor is running well. When temperatures rise, you’ll feel confident starting your air conditioning for the first time after it’s been maintained and tested.

Most Emergency Repair Calls Are Due to Neglected Maintenance

HVAC professionals report that an overwhelming number of emergency repair calls would have been easily and inexpensively prevented by sticking to a scheduled maintenance routine. When dealing with an HVAC emergency repair, don’t you wish you could have stopped it if you’d only known ahead of time? That is the point of scheduled maintenance — early warnings of problems, as well as small adjustments to maintain efficient performance. Even if you’ve already turned on your air conditioning this spring, it’s not too late to maintain your unit.

Don’t Wait for a Meltdown to Maintain Your HVAC Unit

Situations requiring emergency calls tend to involve more damage to the unit, more discomfort to the occupants, and more inconvenience to the owner than timely routine maintenance. When there is an emergency repair, it usually costs more as well, because your HVAC professional must rearrange other service calls and damage may be extensive by the time you notice a problem. Consult a professional to discuss an appropriate preventive maintenance schedule for your HVAC unit in Fayetteville.

When the temperatures climb, you don’t want to get stuck without working air conditioning. The best way to prepare for the heat of summer is to take good care of your HVAC equipment with a spring maintenance call. Click here for more details.

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