Chrome Plating Stainless Steel-Double the Durability

Chrome plating stainless steel can enhance the durability of the stainless steel. Stainless steel is already rust proof but adding the additional chrome plating can increase the strength, durability and anti-corrosive properties. Chrome plating has many of the properties that you find in stainless steel but it can be less costly. One of the ways you can benefit from adding industrial chrome plating to stainless is by using thinner stainless material.

A Perfect Match

Chrome is often used to repair parts, increase their size and give them a like new finish. Since stainless steel and chrome share many of the same qualities chrome plating can make an excellent agent to make repairs to stainless parts. The repairs, rejuvenation will be almost undetectable.

Chrome can easily:

  • Strengthen faulty parts made of stainless
  • Increase the durability and longevity of new parts and products made of stainless
  • Chrome actually has a higher abrasive threshold than stainless so it is a good option in abrasive environments and can help to protect the stainless steel

Parts that are made of stainless that have had to deal with wear and tear over the years can really benefit from chrome plating as a repair agent. Addressing the faulty part can actually be quite the cost saving instrument down the road. Having an option of repairing a faulty machine part before it breaks with chrome plating can mean saving thousands of dollars in repairs.

Products that are made of stainless steel can benefit from chrome plating because the plating acts as an additional layer of protection.

You can protect your stainless products from abrasive situations by having chrome plating added. You get the same great look and you have added protection to ensure that the product can take the abuse of an abrasive environment.

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