Choosing Softwood for Your Decking in Bristol

Are you looking for a material for your decking in Bristol that will stand the test of time? If so, a worthwhile investment will be softwood, which is both strong and durable. Often compared to hardwood, it is quite different because its make-up and physical structure is not the same. Although one of the least dense woods available from timber merchants, it is readily available and can be finished in a broad range of colours. Before you make your decision, discover why softwood is such a good choice for beautifying an outdoor space.

Available Finishes

Every garden will have a different theme, and the great thing about softwood is that you can find a finish that matches your personal taste. Soft wood can be stained in a wide range of colours. Stain will usually be applied and wiped away immediately to prevent messy marks from forming. A water-based finish will protect the wood, so you need not worry about mould or rotting. If you don’t want the softwood to look much different from when it is produced, opt for an invisible coating, which will offer the same level of protection. Some of the more popular finishes include acrylic, wax and polyurethane.

Easy to Treat

The finish applied to softwood decking in Bristol will normally be made with 100 percent natural ingredients, therefore there is no need to treat it with chemicals and specialised solutions. In fact, softwood can be maintained with water cleaning a couple of times a year. The wood takes well to all kinds of adhesive and finishes, and unlike hardwood decking, the wood’s cells are open. What this means is that durability is increased.

Simple to Install

When you are considering the cost of decking, you will need to factor in the labour costs. The time it takes a professional to fit the decking will have a big impact on price. Softwood is very easy to install, so you can expect labour costs to be affordable. The fact that the wood is pre-treated with a special formula means it can be fitted right away, thus reducing the overall costs. Treatments, handrails and accessories will spruce up the appearance of decking, so think about this when transforming the space.

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