How Pool Routes for Sale May be a Lucrative Business Idea for You

There is a constant demand from residential as well as commercial clients for qualified professionals who are experts at managing pools and keeping them clean. Today, the reason for the increase in the number of pool routes for sale is that it yields higher margins of profits from labor costs, pool repairing, and spare part replacement.

There is no right or wrong answer as to whether you should work through a broker or deal directly. If you already possess a fair amount of knowledge about the industry, proceed independently. However, if you choose to work via a broker, it will be easy for you to secure deals quickly and consistently.

Earning a residual income on a monthly basis by maintaining swimming pools for different customers is a lucrative business idea, and it is perfect for people who would like to attain financial freedom by working according to their own schedule. Furthermore, pool business owners enjoy tax advantages, as well.

With a pool route business, you don’t have to work late nights or on the weekends. You can enjoy a steady flow of cash just by servicing bills to your regular clients. With a low initial investment, you can start making money right from the first day.

Another reason to consider taking up a pool route is the easy availability of support from potential personnel who can help you grow your business. Pool brokers can also help you in this endeavor by offering their valued opinion on the condition of the pool routes for sale.

When you are planning to purchase pool routes for sale, it is valuable to keep the following in mind.

1. Do Proper Investigation.

The value of a pool route is based on how much you can charge one customer for the route depending on factors such as the condition of the landscaping around the pool. Therefore, when investigating a pool route for sale, see whether the existing customers pay on time, and check the current condition of the pools. Along with the payment histories, check to see whether the customers pay for filtering and cleaning at least two times a year. According to technicians, a pool route with a five-mile radius is a good option.

2. Price of Pool Routes for Sale

The price of a pool route depends on the monthly billing amount of the servicing. However, the amount will certainly vary according to the location of the pool. You should not buy a pool route with existing clients who have a history of non-payment. Instead, choose the pool routes whose clients have a good payment history.

3. Radius of Pool Routes

Another important factor to consider is the radius of the pool routes. Ideally, for daily servicing, the pool route’s radius should be within 5 to 6 miles. This will ensure that the pool route is tight, and as a result, a larger number of pools can be serviced in one round per day by using minimum fuel.

If you want to expand your business quickly, work with a broker who has a history of experience in this industry. Hiring a broker is a wise investment, as it definitely helps in adding a larger number of customers to an existing route. This alone can make the sales commission they take, which is usually equal to two months of servicing, well worth the expense.

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