Choose the Right Hot Melt Adhesive—and Stick with It!

When compared to traditional tape sealing, the benefits of hot melt adhesive systems are many. The structural integrity afforded cartons secured with hot melt adhesive, and their ability to reveal tamper evidence when the seal is compromised, are compelling selling points, but add to those the cost savings associated with the ease of operation and maintenance of hot melt application systems, and the choice is clear. Hot melt adhesion is an effective option for many packaging applications.

Advantages of Hot Melt Adhesives

 * Avoidance of complicating environmental concerns because hot melt adhesives are formulated with little or no solvents
 * Broad range of formulations designed to meet cost and performance requirements
 * Efficient, time-saving dispensing due to ease of automation
 * Increased security (decreased risk of pilferage) for contents of package
 * Low cost of purchasing and operating the simply-designed dispensing systems
 * Rapid bonding action
 * Reduced waste over tape adhesion efforts
 * Superior seal quality for most substrates

Additional Considerations
When choosing an adhesive, one must also be aware of some possible concerns related to the efficacy of hot melts, which will further influence the adhesive selection.

 * Heat required to melt some adhesives may be counter-indicated for delicate or sensitive heat applications.
 * Some adhesives are susceptible to creep (elongation, fracture, deformation) when placed under load, which can threaten the integrity of the bond.
 * Some adhesives have limited strength compared to others, and most are not as strong when compared to epoxy, polyurethanes, and acrylics.

So Many Choices!

There are almost unlimited choices among hot melt adhesives. They come in a variety of forms—beads, pellets, blocks, pillows and more. The thermoplastic base polymers (plastics that liquefy upon heating and return to a solid state upon cooling) vary with respect to strength, viscosity, and inherent tackiness, and other materials (waxes, adhesion components to enhance tackiness, and stabilizers) must be added to induce properties that are a good fit for a specific application. Some glues have short set times while others may be pressure sensitive (or non-pressure sensitive). Others are designed to be removable, and coloring agents may be added when color matching or decorative applications are required.

Carefully consider the requirements of your applications and the suggestions for making your selection. Chances are, you’ll find a hot melt solution you can “stick with”!

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 * Certain hot melt adhesives are susceptible to deterioration when exposed to solvents.

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