Benefits of CNC Prototype Machining

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Machine

In manufacturing, products start with an idea. The next stage is a design. From here, the logical step is the production of a prototype. This is where CNC prototype machining enters the picture. Its purpose is to provide a duplicate of the design for testing purposes.

Why CNC?

The machining of prototypes is possible without CNC. However, by combining machining tools with CNC, the process becomes more exact. CNC takes the guesswork out of certain aspects. It eliminates the rate of failure. The result is an exact duplicate of the rendition of the component.

What is more important is functionality. If manufacturers want to test the component before committing themselves to production, it must be functional. Using CNC technology helps increase the capabilities of the machining process to produce a fully functional part – one capable of undergoing exacting tests to prove its potential viability on the market.

Advantages of CNC Prototype Machining

There are several ways to reproduce a design or solid model to create a prototype. The advantages of using machining to produce functional results are several. They include:

The rendition is highly accurate

Machining addresses and conquers such potential issues as tight tolerances, producing very precise models

The material is the same as the final production component

CNC machining precision produces superior results in accuracy to both manual machining and comparable to 3D printing

The replication of the initial prototype is simple

The process is an ideal blend of efficiency and technology

Without a doubt, CNC machining currently ranks as one of the best methods of producing and reproducing a functional prototype.

CNC Prototype Machining

Several means currently exist through which a manufacturer can safely, easily and precisely reproduce a design. Creating a functional prototype, a machine shop allows the invested parties to analyze and test the capabilities of the model. While several means are possible, CNC prototype machining is a popular tool for many manufacturers, particularly in the automotive sector.

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