The Best Pet Care from Holistic Veterinarians

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Holistic veterinarians offer optimal healthcare for your pet. Their full-service approach includes the regular checkups and emergency care that are the usual standbys for animal hospitals. However, holistic vets also understand there are often underlying issues besides the presenting symptoms of an injury or illness. To ensure they are treating the whole animal, they want to collect as much information as possible, so they can confidently recommend preventative action, specialized treatments and long-term strategies for chronic conditions.

A visit to a holistic veterinarian begins with a detailed history of your pet. The vet and assistants want to know all about your pet’s living environment. There will be questions about diet, exercise, general disposition and relationship to members of the family in addition to a history of health issues and previous health care.

Holistic veterinarians are trained and equipped to offer chiropractic adjustments, gold bead implants for joint care, homeopathy, laser therapy and many other specialized services that will alleviate chronic pain and degenerative joint disease. Herbal therapies are often effective for short-term illnesses and ongoing conditions. Acupuncture is offered as a solution to control and improve arthritis, kidney and liver disease and seizures.

Diet plays a significant role in a pet’s health. It is important that you, as a pet lover, understand the importance of good nutrition. For example, you do not want to feed grains to dogs and cats or you will be helping them down the road to diabetes. Often raw diets are the answer to conditions such as allergies. Holistic vets are prepared to do food allergy testing and recommend the best diet which just might be home cooked.

Whether your pet is in distress or it is simply time for a checkup, the vets and support staff at Holistic Veterinary Healing are there for you. You know you want the best for your beloved pet so contact these specialists through their website at You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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