Avoid These Pediatric Wellness Visit Mistakes

It’s a well-known fact no parent is perfect. From everyday parenting blunders to the occasional accident on a day out, every parent has been known to make a mistake here and there with their kids. However, one of the worst places this can happen is during a visit to your child’s primary care doctor in San Diego. While the vast majority of professionals will be understanding about slip-ups, you still want to try to avoid them where you can in order to help your child’s checkup go as smoothly as possible. Here are a few of the most common mistakes pediatricians observe on a regular basis and how they can be avoided.

Disregarding Medical Advice

The job of any primary care doctor in San Diego is to help your child maintain the best possible health. They can’t do this if you refuse to work with them and follow their advice. Be sure to trust and listen to your child’s doctor during visits; if you are confused about something or feel the need to disagree, try to do so as respectfully as possible.

Not Correcting the Doctor When It’s Important to

While you should respect the expertise of every primary care doctor in San Diego, understand they still make be prone to make errors themselves from time to time. This can happen when you’re in the midst of relaying information about your child’s health to the doctor. They may misremember certain details while trying to stay on top of the information you’re giving them. Should this happen, it’s perfectly okay to correct them so they have the right information. That way they can make the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for your child.

Withholding Information

Some parents don’t tell the entire truth during doctor’s visits, especially when the doctor asks them about their child’s sleep or dietary habits. They may feel as if the doctor will admonish them for letting their child stay up an hour or so later than they should or letting them indulge in junk food. However, this information is important. By telling your child’s primary care doctor the truth, they can help care for your child much more effectively.

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